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Adlink Single Board Computers, Industrial & Rugged. Atom Based COM & EBX.
DAQ Boards, PXI, GPIB, cPCI, ATCA Blades. Complete Systems & CEM Capabilities.

Boyd Corp Environmental Seals & Gaskets, Extruded & Molded Rubber & Plastic, EMI Shielding, Stamped & Fab'd Metal, Acoustic & Shock Absorbtion, Thermal Management Products & Bonding Systems.

Adlink Full Line of Switches including, SMT, Dip, Rotary, Lighted, Toggle, Rockers, Tactile
Interface Controls (Joysticks and Multifunction grips), Slide, Dome Arrays

Delta DC Fans - 40mm to 172mm. Blowers, Value Added Capabilities.
Fiber Optic Transeivers, Stepping Motors, Solenoids, Magnetics

Eaton PowerStor - Super Caps. Range: 0.47F -3,000F. Coin, Cylindrical, Modules., Bussmann - Chips & Brick Fuses., Coiltronics - Transformers & Inductors

Enersys Sealed Lead Acid Batteries. Includes the Hi Capacity Cyclon Batteries.

Equipto Electornic Enclosures. NEMA Rated Enclosures.
Build to Print Capabilities. Made in the USA.

Fujitsu Connectors, Relays, Keyboards, Thermal Printers, Touch Screens.

Hirose High Density Board-to-Board, FFC/FPC connectors;
Circular Connectors with IP-67 rating, all memory sockets available
Industry leader in coax including BNC, SMA, TNC, U.FL, W.FL

IXYS Power MOSFET's, IGBT's, Rectifier Diodes, Thyristors, Rectifier
Bridges, Schottky Diodes, FRED'S, DCB Ceramic Substrates.

Japan Displays 1.8" to 15" TFT Displays. Wide, Ultra-Wide, HD Formats, IPS Technology, Memory In Pixel Technologies, Touch Screens Available. Resistive & P-CAP. Attached by JDI.

PFC Flex Flex Circuits, Rigid Flex Circuits. Impedence Matched. SMT Assembly Capabilities., Extensive Design & Engineering Support.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Capacitors, Resistors, Inductors EMC Components, LTCC Components, Crystal Devices.

Adlink Ultra Low Power ICs with Standard & Micro Package Solutions. LDO’s, Switching Regulators, Li-Ion Battery Protection IC’s, Temp Sensors/Switches, EEPROMs, Digital Real Time, RTC, 32.768kHz X-stals

SL Power

AULT External Power Supplies, Transformers & Battery Chargers. Ext. Switchers to 100 Watts. Medical & Commercial Approvals.

CONDOR Internal Supplies 4W to 1,200 W, Medical, Commercial Supplies.

Energy Star Compliant

Sinbon Cable Assemblies with Capabilities in the US & China., Hirose Approved Asia Partner., Direct China OEM / ODM Services.

United Chemi-Con Electrolytic Capacitors. Radial, Axial, SMT Type.
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